Sunday, May 18, 2008

Python and Eclipse

First a book recommendation:
Dive Into Python

Things I've installed today:
- Python 2.5
- PyDev (eclipse editor plugin)
- Subversion for Eclipse
- PyUnit Comes with Python 2.1+
- Cruise Control...

Some eclipse hints: (from an IBM site)
Ctrl+Shift+L - show page of keyboard shortcuts
Ctrl+3 - search menus for a command
Local history on files!

Now part of Eclipse. A tool to make task management easier. Added a task to figure this out.

Other cool stuff...
-Timeline and timeplot from Simile @ MIT

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Python, Twisted, Rally, CruiseControl, and ?

Today I am setting up a new development environment.

- continuous builds
- scrum (for one?)
- Python and server framework
- External source control

- Python and Twisted
- Rally
- BuildBot for Continuous Builds
- subversion for source control
- Eclipse as editor

- Trac instead of Rally
- CruiseControl instead of BuildBot

BuildBot uses Twisted and Python. So that seemed like a good fit.

I'm not so happy about Rally being a hosted solution but one thing at a time.

Code camp

Woody summarized my talk at the Fullerton Code Camp:

Overall, it was very useful to me to see his approach.

I thought of this today as I ran into someone visiting SOE that saw my presentation in Seattle on Wednesday.