Saturday, August 4, 2012

Dear Amazon

Dear Amazon. I realize this is an issue that impacts less than 0.001% of your customers. But we live in rural California and do not get mail delivery to our house. So we can either get USPS sent to our post office box or FedEx/UPS to our house address. Is it possible to flag our account to indicate mail only? Or FedEx only? Or more generally, that a PO Box can only be USPS? I realize you try to ship the cheapest way possible. I appreciate that. And when stuff comes, it is brilliant. But the stress of a package coming via FedEx to our PO Box that won't get delivered is dreadful. I'm not sure what language you write your software in, but perhaps one additional conditional would be able to resolve this for all of us on The Sea Ranch and other rural locations without mail delivery. Thanks for your help. bob

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Speech to Text with timeline data

I'm working on a book project where I have audio output of a reader and the associated text. I want to sync the two. My tool has a simple method... press the mouse down for each word as the audio is playing. Record the time. But sometimes (often), more fine tuning is needed. I figured that someone must have solved this already. I did a search and played with some tools. None of them were magic. The best thing so far is Audacity. A free audio tool. It has an automated bit that gets close. But I find having to edit that is harder than just going at it with the label track. My process: - zoom in. - use left-mouse and shift-left-mouse to change the selection. - then ctrl-left-mouse to play. - adjust the selection if necessary - ctrl-b to create a new label (I don't enter the work-- potentially useful) Walk through the text on a page. Export the label data. It creates a text file with two columns, start and end time. Adjusting my code to take start & end. And writing a perl/python script to convert to the Flash array. Only real question remaining is the format desired. The data files can be imported for editing. I think the logical thing to do would be to outsource someone. $5/page? It takes me about 10 minutes or so per page. Current book has 26 pages. I suspect I'll get faster.